April 22, 2023

AJi Partners with Green Climate Fund to Drive Sustainable Development in Jordan

We're proud to announce our contribution towards Jordan's sustainability strategy through our partnership with the Green Climate Fund Simplified Approval Process (GCF SAP). Our team at AJi has developed a set of projects to address two key pillars of the Government of Jordan's sustainability strategy - food security and water access.

Under the GCF SAP, we have established a working solar-hydroponic farm in the highlands region that provides increased irrigation efficiency to various crop systems, reducing water use by over 60%. By focusing on the production of feed crops like barley and wheat, we're increasing food security while reducing reliance on imported produce. Additionally, we're arranging training sessions for the villagers in the surrounding areas, making the farm an integral part of the local economy while stimulating development of Jordan's human capital.

We're also proud to be part of the development of WASH (Water, Sanitation & Health) facilities in schools in southern regions of Jordan. By utilizing rainwater harvesting infrastructure and greywater reuse systems, schools can provide safe, clean, and dignified bathrooms for their faculty and students. Incorporating rainwater harvesting systems into school courtyards and rooftops will also provide storage for additional water reserves, helping to mitigate the worst effects of drought.

Through these projects, we're joining a progressive vision for water management that benefits the country's most disadvantaged populations. We're committed to making a difference and providing a model for future generations in water management and the implementation of sustainable development strategies.