Building Information Modelling

Technology Leaders

AJi is a pioneer of architectural and engineering technology. Our expertise in building information modelling (BIM) enhances projects by creating a seamless flow of information that evolves alongside the design and construction of built assets.

What is BIM?

BIM is a comprehensive process for managing information across project lifecycles. It involves creating a coordinated digital representation of every aspect of the built asset. At AJi, we also incorporate scheduling information and financial data into BIM to ensure seamless project planning and execution.

How Will BIM Help You?

In the initial stages of a BIM project, a collaborative team establishes the information structures required. Including stakeholders such as the facility management team early on,  maximises the benefits for the construction and operational phases of a building. We create information-rich 3D models and integrate essential data like product specifications and handover details.

BIM Services

Point Cloud Scanning | Utilising advanced laser technology, point cloud 3D scanning captures precise details of existing structures. This data integrates seamlessly into BIM models, providing an accurate foundation for further work.

3D Modelling | 3D BIM models improve project visualisation, clash detection, and constructability analysis. This consistent and organised approach helps subcontractors execute projects efficiently, saving time and money by identifying and managing clashes early in the BIM process.

Shop Drawings | Derived from coordinated BIM models, detailed 2D shop drawings translate conceptual designs into precise fabrication instructions. Spool drawings guide MEP installers and fabricators with pipe and duct sections, ensuring accurate manufacturing and assembly. Additionally, BIM-generated material lists facilitate efficient ordering, reducing time, costs, and waste.

As-Builts | After completion, As-Built models accurately reflect the finished building, continuously updated in BIM throughout construction. These digital twins ensure owners and managers receive precise models based on the latest field changes.

What Are BIM Standards?

Specifications are crucial in the BIM process. All information is structured and coordinated according to ISO 19650 standards, which define the BIM process internationally. AJi is currently pursuing this accreditation to ensure the highest quality standards in our BIM processes.