About AJi

AJi is a regional architecture and engineering pioneer building on a deep legacy of forward-looking projects in the MENA region. Our multidisciplinary local capabilities are integrated with top global talent for a perfectly choreographed and executed approach to each client's project.

  • 60+

    Years of Innovative work

  • 1000+

    Talent force across the globe

  • 20+

    Countries in which we operate

  • 2000+

    Successful projects

  • 1000+

    Clients and operators

The values we live by

We believe in the power of transcending borders, adapting to the language of each community we serve, understanding its unique challenges, and tailoring bespoke solutions accordingly.


We grow by pushing boundaries, exploring new horizons, and harnessing cutting-edge technology to redefine what is possible. Our goal is to design solutions that are simply smarter, more sustainable, and always one-step ahead.


We are a united force, pooling our network of expertise to tackle complex challenges. Beyond borders and boundaries, we are dedicated to ensuring our solutions meet the unique needs of every community we serve. Seamless network integration is not just a method for project success, but a commitment to communal harmony and lasting impact.


We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards, fostering relationships built on respect and transparency with our clients, partners, and colleagues. Trust is built through integrity, and it is a value we take pride in.


By connecting with leading global partners and drawing talent from across the world, we foster a culture that welcomes different perspectives and innovative ideas. By celebrating a culture of diversity and inclusivity, we enrich our work and the communities we serve.

What we stand for

Our community-centric approach sets us apart. With the help of our global experts and partners, we provide the highest-quality engineering solutions driven by the latest technologies.

Deep local roots and shared values

For over six decades, we have delivered locally rooted and relevant solutions to our communities. Our understanding of the region’s businesses, governing structures and decision-making processes make us invaluable partners for our clients.

Curation of partnerships

We are curators of talent, integrating global engineering and architecture partnerships with the most appropriate expertise to suit each client’s needs. Our modular approach allows us to respond to the diverse challenges and requirements of different sectors.

Community focus

Our work is focused on designing progressive solutions that enhance the quality of life. Whether we’re designing a hospital, a school or an urban masterplan, we always seek to be innovative in the service of thriving, resilient communities. 

Nurturing innovation

Our work ethic and way of thinking fosters a culture of adaptive, multidisciplinary and tech-enabled innovation. We use the latest technologies and forward-looking designs to create spaces that match each client’s needs. 

We have facilitated

  • 16,000+ beds

    Hospitals and healthcare

  • 600,000+ m²

    Pharmaceutical plants

  • 2,000,000+ m²

    Educational facilities

  • 3,000,000+ m²

    Commercial facilities

  • 6,000+ keys


  • 1,000,000+ m²

    Industrial plants

  • 3,000,000+ m²

    Residential projects

  • 200,000 m²

    Critical buildings

  • 100+ projects

    Renewables and waste management

  • 100,000 m²


  • 10,000 km


  • 50,000,000+

    People served with water and waste facilities