Mosul Second Bridge (Al Hurriya)

  • Client

    Ministry of Construction, Housing and Municipalities and Public Works/ Roads and Bridges Directorate, funded by the World Bank

  • Location

    Mosul, Iraq

  • Project Sector

    Intersections, Bridges and Tunnels

Rehabilitation of Mosul Second Bridge (Al Hurriya)

Full construction supervision

The Hurriya Bridge was built in 1958, during the reign of King Faisal II, and was the second bridge constructed to connect the two sides of the Tigris in Mosul. The eastern point of the bridge is located close to the Mosul Municipality building, and the western point is the entrance to the Al-Dubbat neighbourhood. It was damaged and partially destroyed when Islamic State terrorists took over the city and during the ensuing liberation battles with Iraqi forces. 

In 2018, AJi was awarded the design review of the contract documents, review of the design, drainage design, structural design, design review report, and review of existing data. As well as full construction supervision services and the defects notification period.

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