Amman BRT Feeder Buses Operations

  • Client

    Government Tenders Directorate Ministry of Public Works and Housing

  • Location

    Greater Amman Municipality

  • Project Sector

    Transportation Planning

Preparing Service and Business Plan for Amman BRT Feeder Buses

Planning and engineering, ridership forecast verification, financial and socioeconomic evaluation and assessment, social and environmental impact study, review of highway traffic, roads, structural, electrical and mechanical concepts, draft and final assessment report

The scope of this project was related to the assessment of the Amman Metro project feasibility study:

The metro line links the north and south of the city, along with the commercial areas, shopping malls, roman forums, etc.

The ring BRT, as a subsidiary public transportation mode, will attract more people from the surrounding areas and supports seamless transfer to the metro 

Based on the proposed route, Amman line one should run north-south to link those areas in the northern, central and southern parts, including Sports City, Abdali, Rghadan, City Hall, Al Sharq Al Awsat and Customs Square; the route should start at Sports City and pass through the main streets and end at Customs Square

The objective of the project was to provide GAM advice on key aspects of the project and provide an independent review for the technical and financial feasibility studies.

Accordingly, AJWE has carried an independent review and assessment of the CRG study and provided an assessment report and advice on the following aspects:

Financial feasibility

Socioeconomic impact

Social and environmental impact

Viability and reliability of the project implementation

Technical and financial constraints or limitations that might affect the success of the project, including highway, traffic, roads, structural, electrical, mechanical, etc...

Assess the reliability of the financial projections and the ability of the business to achieve the projected income and cash flow

Propose possible project implementation scenarios

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