Turtle Bay Hotel

The Red Sea Development Company is setting a new standard for sustainable development and putting Saudi Arabia on the global tourism map. A luxurious tourist destination, where islands, nature and culture blend, the Turtle Bay hotel trains young Saudi talents entering the hospitality sector. The overall development over 13,000 square metres included seven buildings, with two 24-key guest buildings and three 32-key guest buildings. The hotel was awarded for excellence in sustainable tourism, in recognition of exceptional efforts towards environmental protection, conservation, and regeneration.

BIM Highlights

• High-level 3D coordination between architecture, structure, electrical, and mechanics, based directly on the BIM models produced.

• Ensured the effectiveness of the building with 100% accuracy as a BIM model.

• Visual rendering production.

• Studies conducted 100% in BIM.

• BIM models used to present the project to the client, streamline communication, and manage modifications.

• Implementation of collaborative tools to exchange and manage a very large number of models to ensure reliability, flexibility and traceability of information flows.

• The project had sufficient information to make the project structure as a BIM model clear and enhance the accuracy of building lifecycle information.

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