AICC Headquarters

With an approximate total area of 1,750 square metres, the project was conceived as a headquarter for AICC, with an integrated design philosophy, including office spaces, meeting rooms, and collaborative areas. Located in Amman, Jordan, it featured open-plan layouts, modern amenities, and sustainable design elements. The building provides a dynamic and inspiring workspace for a contemporary business.

BIM Highlights

• High-level 3D coordination between architecture, structure, electrical, and mechanics, based directly on the BIM models produced.

• Ensured the effectiveness of the building with 100% accuracy as a BIM model.

• Visual rendering production.

• Studies conducted 100% in BIM.

• BIM models used to present the project to the client, streamline communication, and manage modifications.

• Implementation of collaborative tools to exchange and manage a very large number of models to ensure reliability, flexibility and traceability of information flows.

• The project had sufficient information to make the project structure as a BIM model clear and enhance the accuracy of building lifecycle information.

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