Al Khumra Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • Client

    National Water Company Jeddah City Business Unit

  • Location

    Jeddah, KSA

  • Project Sector

    Major Developments

Refurbishment and Upgrading of Facilities

Site inspections, data reviews, operational record reviews, condition assessment, designs and specifications for upgrades, contract documents

Al Khumrah WWTP had been in operation since the early 1980s, initially as a surface-aerated, extended aeration plant. It had been expanded in three phases and a fourth phase was due for commissioning in 2012.

Stage 1 units were still operational at the commencement of the project. However, the existing structures were seriously deteriorated, which meant the treatment quality was very poor. The project was to refurbish and upgrade the units in stages 2 and 3. 

From earlier reports the focus was to be on the inlet facilities, with automated screens and grit removal facilities, which on both stages were inoperable. Stage 2 being older and in worse condition required more extensive inspection and replacement of items, including aeration units, lift pumps, screw pumps, electrical items, and switchgear.

A four-month period was specified by the National Water Company, requiring a rapid delivery of specifications on performance basis, detailing and listing the items to be replaced by refurbishment contractors.

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