Jeddah Airport Sewage Treatment Plant

  • Client

    Jeddah Al Thaniya Water Company

  • Location

    Jeddah, KSA

  • Project Sector

    Major Developments

Design and Development of a WWTP for a Major Aviation Hub

Design review, construction supervision, environmental and social impact assessment

The plant is located in North Jeddah, approximately 4 kilometres southeast of King Abdulaziz International Airport terminals (KAIA). Accessible from the Al Harameen Expressway, it is located within the KAIA complex. The allocated project land itself is within an area with approval for the development of sewage treatment works.

The project scope consisted of the design, development, engineering, construction, commissioning, completion, testing, operation and maintenance of a new sewage treatment plant, with the initial capacity in phase one to treat an average daily influent of 300,000 cubic metres per day. The new sewage treatment plant would receive wastewater by pipeline and the treated sewage effluent should meet the usual quality requirements.

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