Adana Wastewater Treatment Plant Project

  • Client

    Adana Water and Sewerage Administration

  • Project Sector

    Major Developments

Construction of Wastewater Treatment Plant

Review of designs, process design, preparation of design review reports, M&E equipment evaluations, checking as-built record drawings, construction supervision of civil, mechanical and electrical works, payment certificates

Adana is the fourth largest city in Turkey and is a large industrial and commercial centre with a fast growing population. It had approximately 3 million inhabitants in 2024.

Two new wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) were constructed with a loan from the European Investment Bank. In the initial phase, the Adana West WWTP was to provide full biological treatment whilst the Adana East WWTP provided primary treatment only (screening, grit and grease removal). However, during the project, a variation was issued to provide complete wastewater treatment to produce final effluent meeting international standards. The design criteria for the two plants were:

Adana West

Adana East

Project Target Year



Equivalent Population

1.51 million 

0.7 million

Daily Flow Rate m3/day



Influent Bod Concentration Mg/L



Total BOD5 Load kg/day



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