Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Project in Aden Governorate

  • Client

    Ministry of Water and Environment, Local Water and Sanitation and Corporation in Aden Governorate

  • Location

    Aden, Yemen

  • Project Sector

    Major Developments

Design and Development of Water Supply and Sanitation Project

Environmental audit, site visits, development of QHSE audit reports

The Aden Governorate is expanding enormously and safe water and distribution services are essential to meet the demands of the growing population. The project was divided into four tasks:

Task A | Development Programme

Preparation of a development plan to serve as a framework for the expansion up to 2025 for:

Water production, transmission and distribution facilities

Wastewater collection, treatment and effluent disposal or reuse

Investment requirements in five-year intervals

Key activities included

GIS mapping system

Population growth projections

Water demand scenarios

Leakage detection and asset condition

Hydraulic modelling using H2OMap and H2OMap Sewer

Design criteria for engineering designs

Wastewater discharge estimates

Effluent reuse

Extension and upgrading of wastewater collection, treatment and disposal 

Financial analysis and investments

Assessment of environmental impact

Task B | Water Resource Assessment Study

Prepared in parallel to task A, this was for the rehabilitation of existing water sources and exploration of additional water resources. Key activities included:

Inventory of existing data, water resource studies

Defining geological and hydrological boundaries and aquifer systems

Geophysical surveys and well drilling activities 

Preparation of groundwater and water quality models

Assessing present and future water production capacity

Investigation of desalination as a supplemental water source

The project included a formal technical training component on the water conveyance and distribution system, hydraulic modelling and GIS principles and software, as well as the concept of restructuring and zoning for proper management and loss reduction.

Task C | Feasibility Study

Provided detailed water and wastewater investments to preliminary engineering design up to the first phase of development in 2015.

Task D | Detailed Engineering Design

Detailed engineering designs and preparation of bidding documents for the water and wastewater components to meet the requirements of the first phase of development.

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