Al Mukalla Water Supply and Wastewater Collection

  • Client

    Local Corporation for Water Supply and Sanitation Hadramout Governorate Coastal Areas

  • Location

    Al Mukalla, Yemen

  • Project Sector

    Major Developments

Construction of Wastewater Collection Network

Design review, tendering, additional design services, supervision of construction

Al Mukalla is an active seaport located on the Arabian Sea coast, on the southern shores of the Republic of Yemen. It is the fifth largest city in Yemen and the seat of Hadramout Governorate. The project consisted of the following individual contracts:

MUKCW-1 included:

Diagnosis of current situation for the existing wellfields

Surface geophysical investigation for the Flik Wellfield, drilling of 4 production and 1 piezometer wells in Flik wellfield, and 2 production and 1 piezometer wells in Zamen wellfield, test pumping and water quality analysis

MUKCW-2 included:

Construction of wastewater collection network, 150-400mm diameter PVC and GRP pipes, in an area of about 400 hectares

Rehabilitation of old Mukalla wastewater collection network and construction of wastewater collection network, including house connections

Construction of wastewater treatment works (oxidation ponds) for a capacity of 2 x 7,000 m3/day

Construction of trunk mains of about 4 km in length with diameters of 500 - 600 mm, and of pumping mains of about 13 km in length with diameters of 300 - 500 mm

Construction of 3 wastewater pumping stations, PS 16B, PS17 and PS19, and rehabilitation of the existing wastewater pumping station PS16A

MUKCW-3 included:

Construction of wastewater collection network of about 75 km length with diameters of 150 - 300 mm

Construction of two wastewater pumping stations PS20A and PS20B

MUKCW-4 included:

Construction of sewage treatment plant and sanitation system

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